About Lunania

Lunania is a free platform for Startups and great ideas to build their brand awareness with exposure to a global audience. Getting the exposure for your Startup is key to building your market presence globally to help your business grow and getting published on Lunania helps you to do just that!


We feel that too many great ideas do not take off because of issues with cashflow. 

Save your cash because getting on Lunania is free and gets you views from our visitors all over the world.

Having experienced the startup journey ourselves, we want to give the innovative ideas of startups, small businesses, and the people of the world the opportunity to be seen and connect with potential investors and skilled individuals. Innovation drives change in the world and all of us on the Lunania Team believe that small businesses and innovative ideas will shape the future.

Great ideas often start small and, with the right exposure and support, can reach their full growth potential. Your ideas might not interest the people around you, but with Lunania, it could be the brainchild of the next market-disrupting,

life-enhancing, and world-changing innovation.



At Lunania, we believe that the best published content  comes from the Startups themselves.

This gives the content credibility for your viewers and allows you to speak directly to your viewers about who you are and what you do.

Submitting has never been easier!

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