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Portal Illusion is a camera app that allows users to create the illusion that they're using a portal to another dimension. As a huge fan of the idea of portals as well as Rick & Morty, Portal Illusion App is a small idea that I thought of while taking photos with a ring light and low exposure.

We see portals in movies and cartoons but if you try to think of how it works in the real world, it might not be possible for it to work like that. Maybe not in this lifetime at least.

So the next best alternative is to do it on a phone. Imagine your phone like a portal gun. Pretty cool.

If anyone wants to join in the fun of making portals "come to life", contact me!

Project Status

Brainstorm - An open invitation to discuss a blueprint for this project


Project Location: India

Founder: PortalApp Dev

Email: portalsappidea@gmail.com


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