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I frequently shop for clothes online and sometimes the orders I receive are not what I expect because it’s either in the wrong size or it doesn’t suit my body frame.  The OTOS (One to One Size) is a vertical digital screen that doubles up as a mirror when not in use. The screen is tall enough to cover the average size of the human body and connects to your smartphone.  Now imagine you’re shopping online and see a really nice coat you want to buy, click on the OTOS compatible image and a 1:1 life-size image of the coat comes up on the OTOS screen! Shoppers will have a better visualization of what to expect before they make a purchase. 

This would be so helpful for online shoppers and companies. For the OTOS to work, shopping platforms would have to develop images specifically for the screen. This innovative screen would also be applicable to more than just clothing.

Bags, shoes, and various products can be displayed in life sizes on the OTOS. I believe that this could be the future of online shopping, allowing brands to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world.

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Brainstorm - An open invitation to discuss a blueprint for this project


Team Name: OTOS

Email: otosscreeneshop@gmail.com

Project Location: United States


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