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Hello viewer! We are Black Boxx Productions (AKA BBP) and we aim to make the international student experience just that much simpler. Moving to another country can be an exciting yet daunting task with many things to consider. People's wants and needs are almost always different with their varying lifestyle choices and interests. Sometimes, it can get a little difficult when international students move to another country but want to have some sense of familiarity in their new lives.

This is where Black Boxes come in. They are care packages that provide all the essential items at a selected price range with the information on where they can be bought. Not only that, Black Boxes are built to cater to the hobbies of international students too. From musicians to Gamers, all they have to do is select what they want in their Black Boxes which will be ready and waiting for them the moment they enter their new homes.

For further inquiries, feel free to drop us an email to discuss it further.

Thank you for reading and we're looking forward to answering you're questions!

Project Status

Blueprint - A detailed plan is ready


Team Name: BlackBoxx


Project Location: Singapore


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