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Health and Wellness industry is facing a dramatic revolution over the last century. In a regular word state, the hospitality business is an essential industry across the globe. With the increase in potential health hazards and dangers of current and future virus pandemics, people desperately look for products that can keep them safe.

With the development of technology, mobile phones have become an extension of our hands, and statistic shows that we check our phones 53 times a day. Meaning there are many possibilities of contamination, considering the items we use daily. The fact is that our phones are very much a breeding grounds for germs and viruses as it provides the suitable temperature conditions for them to grow.

Habit is a home device that offers multiple functions that contribute to the wellness and wellbeing of the customer. Its main purpose is to sterilize personal items that people carry on a daily basis to prevent viruses from contaminating their living spaces.

It is convenient for the user as it will conveniently sterilize their items in a Habit device within a short cycle of UV light exposure in the enclosed device instead of having to manually clean it with sanitizer.

The mobile phone being the most frequently used item in people’s lives today has high risks of being contaminated with germs and viruses.

Habit doubles up as a wellness device that helps the customer relax and enjoy music from its internal speakers.

Not only will it sterilize your personal items. Through innovative design, the HABIT device is able to channel air through the rear compartment of the body and expose the air to a series of UV LED’s that will sterilize the air in the room.

We believe that the only way for the world to be a safer place is to impart new Habits into people's lifestyles with innovative technology to change the future.

We hope to find minds alike. Individuals with a creative and innovative mind with the well being of people at heart.

Project Status

Blueprint - A detailed plan is ready


Project Location: Singapore

Founder: Habit Team

Email: soiordered@gmail.com


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