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You don’t know if you don’t try.

Inspired by the idea of start-ups and the lively exploration of new ideas, allow us to introduce you to the FoodCanvas concept. We live in an age where more and more people can, and want to, expand and diversify their culinary experiences. We believe this desire is matched by people who want to explore and share their culinary creations. Sometimes, budding culinary masters face large initial capital barriers to opening a restaurant or food outlets which often render attempts to experiment with new F&B concepts unfeasible. It is no secret that one of these capital barriers in securing premises to open for business.

The FoodCanvas concept aims to create physical spaces, fit for purpose and quick set up, for culinary artists to share their (sometimes rogue) gastronomical masterpieces with crowds that are equally ready to embark on new and appetizing food adventures. In other words, with well-thought-out spaces, designed with both form and function as paramount criteria, we are taking the idea of pop-up restaurants, bars, and cafés to the next level.

We believe that wherever there is a FoodCanvas, the barriers to entry into the F&B industry would be lower and the local food scene would be kept alive and exciting.

One place, many flavors, infinite possibilities.

Project Status

Blueprint - A detailed plan is ready


Project Location: China, Beijing

Founder: FoodCanvas Team



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