NON-Mask | Startup

As masks become a mandatory requirement and a habit for people to wear to keep themselves safe from not only viruses but germs and bacteria as well. Becoming part of our everyday outfit we wanted to design something which people can wear as a functional part of their fashion look.

NON-Mask is designed with an antibacterial fabric that kills the bacteria that can cause facial blemishes and skin irritations. It has UV ray protection in the material and its washable. Just like wearing socks and washing them at the end of the day, NON-Mask is another part of your clothing which you can include in your lifestyle.

Its design is made in such a way that it can attach air and virus filters on the inner surface of the mask which has an effective filtration rate of 96% with a health risk-free nano-mesh filter that can be washed and reused multiple times. The reusability and effectiveness of these masks make the NON-Mask a reliable and sustainable fashion mask.

Project Status

Execution – The project is in progress


Project Location: South Korea

Founder: NON Official Wear



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