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Electric Vehicle Recharge Network Climate change, the catalyzing effect of global pollution, and its devastating consequences are undeniable. This is a problem that spans all industries and manifests itself is an endless number of ways, whether in the form of toxic chemical dumping in what used to be pristine rivers, indiscriminate logging, or wasteful packaging.

We aren’t advocating for the stopping of all pollutive activity, but are looking for ways in which we can choose a less detrimental alternative.

Today, more than one billion cars continue to run on gasoline, the fuel that has been used for more than a century. In this context, the crisis that the natural world faces should be our impetus towards adopting cleaner sources for powering our vehicles. We want to begin this mission in Singapore, our small, first-world, forward-looking, and environmentally conscious city-state.

We hope to contribute to the establishment of a network of facilities (e.g. charging stations and electric-vehicle specialist maintenance facilities) across the country to support and encourage the widespread adoption of electric-powered cars. No, this is not a call to reinvent the wheel, this is simply a call to take the right turn at the fork of the road, to power our society today and preserve mother nature for tomorrow.

Project Status

Brainstorm - An open invitation to discuss a blueprint for this project


Project Location: Singapore

Founder: EVR Network Concept

Email: electworkdl@gmail.com


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