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Studies have identified the presence of genetic material from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on floors and surfaces in the surrounding proximity of places where COVID-19 patients have been treated! We believe that the soles of our shoes contributes to the spreading of the virus to surfaces we walk on.

Many drivers use their personal cars, especially in todays transportation gig economy, to pick up multiple passengers throughout the day and as a car owner, I do not like the thought that I might be exposing my family to potentially dangerous viruses and bacteria in my car.

Our goal is to produce car mats made with copper fabric technology to help address this concern.

Copper fabric is a material that has antimicrobial properties and has been known to destroy germs like staphylococcus and e.coli. The Coronavirus can survive on copper only for 4 hours a much shorter period than other materials like rubber and cotton fabrics. This makes copper a very suitable material. Masks have been made with Copper fabric fof the same reason as well.

We are currently seeking out potential talent in marketing, finance, and graphic design to join our team.

We believe that this product would meaningfully add to the global arsenal of equipment to combat the Coronavirus and other viruses.

Project Status

Blueprint - A detailed plan is ready


Project Location: Singapore

Founder: Coppermat Team



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