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No matter where you're from, you have to agree that EVERYONE LOVES FOOD! But what if you are trying to recreate a dish that you reminisce or you're having a mind block on what to cook/ prepare for your dish?

Why not trying using our app <The Chef's Assistant>, a platform where you can find ideas on what to cook and order the ingredients from our app and will be delivered to your location. Upon receiving, you can engage our online professional Chef who will guide you on the step-by-step cooking process and derive to your ideal dish! It's so simple!

Step 1) Think of what you want to cook or just search for recipes in our app!

Step 2) Order the required ingredients as stated for each particular dish!

(If you already have the ingredient, just un-select that particular ingredient.)

Step 3) Wait for the fresh ingredients that are being delivered to your location

and prepare them!

Step 4) Under the guidance of our online Chef, get ready to cook up a storm!

Want to share your amazing recipes with the community? Not to worry, just include the recipe, a picture of the dish and if you're willing, why not share with us the beautiful process of how to cook with a video?

***The app will be integrated with social media and will allow users to share their cooking experience and review on the app and social media!

Project Status

Brainstorm - An open invitation to discuss a blueprint for this project


Team Name: foodmonsters


Project Location: Singapore


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