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A trip to the doctors just to get poked by a needle and waiting a couple of days before seeing what your blood says about your health doesn't seem like the most efficient way to do things. At least we feel it should be a thing of the future,

The concept of Blood Test Delivery involves having a trained nurse coming to you to take a blood sample upon request for a booking. The blood sample is then collected and delivered to the laboratory by the nurse to have your sample analyzed.

Having your blood sample collected in the comfort of your own home sounds a lot better than having to travel to a place where germs and viruses are.

If you feel that this has the potential to be something of the future, do drop me an email! We are looking to build a team of entrepreneurs who are passionate about making changes to the world!

Project Status

Brainstorm - An open invitation to discuss a blueprint for this project


Project Location: Hong Kong

Founder: Blood Test Delivery Startup Team



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