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Isolation, addiction, or even the challenges we naturally face #life, can sometimes feel like an insurmountable burden. Sometimes it can feel like a loss of direction and at other times an absence of the will to simply get out of bed. The COVID-19 crisis has, in all probability, exacerbated the depth and spread of these personal struggles.

Communication is often cited as key to these issues, but a mix of a busy life schedule and social distancing measures can get in the way of efforts to reach out. Affording the time to speak to someone also has to be accompanied by the ability to afford the rising cost of mental healthcare.

One vision of this app is to replicate the benefits of anonymous groups or circles that people participate in to help them overcome certain addictions. The benefit of having access to help like this through the app is that users will have access to someone 24-7 and not have to wait until their next “appointment” to speak to someone.

Our team would like to create an app that brings together qualified counselors to people who need that empathetic, listening ear, to get things off their chest, and to remind them that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Project Status

Blueprint - A detailed plan is ready


Project Location: Malaysia

Founder: AntiLone



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