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Anti-Mosquito Wipes

Singapore has continually battled dengue, a virus that is spread by the bite of infected Aedes mosquitos. In just the first quarter of 2020, there were over 4,700 reported cases dengue in Singapore. Whilst there are many products on the market to ward off mosquitos, many people dislike the feel of spraying mosquito repellent on ourselves or applying creams to our skin that might leave it feeling greasy.

What about Anti-Mosquito Wipes (“AMW”)? AMWs could either be disposable or reusable wipes and would be treated with a non-greasy mosquito-repelling solution. Whenever you feel exposed to the risk of mosquito bites, you could easily take an AMW and wipe any exposed skin. We believe that such a product would provide better coverage than a spray without leaving your skin sticky or greasy.

Project Status

Brainstorm - An open invitation to discuss a blueprint for this project


Project Location: Singapore

Founder: Antimozzy Team



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